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17 Best Small Scale Business ideas in Bihar with Low Investment

Bihar is a well-establishing state or individuals are seeking to develop their business in Bihar. Bihar is prominent for its sugar industry, jute industry, and silk industry as well. 

Shopping malls, Restaurants, hotels, coaching institutes are the most renowned business ideas in Bihar. So there are enormous top ideas of business in Bihar persons can do and gain a lot of profits at lower investments.

We are sharing some business ideas that will give you idea How to open Small Business in Bihar with low investment.


#1. Fish farming Business

The fishery business is a fresh opportunity for business for the persons who are planning to shift to Bihar. The government of Bihar is giving contributions of finances to 50% of the capital required to open more ponds. 

The search for lakes, ponds, or reservoirs for rearing fishes is open still and individuals are larger than keen to accept it. Fish farming is more expected to be on the increase in the state so thanks to the support of authority. 

In the past, multiple entrepreneurs are reported earning more than lakhs rupees from this business. 

#2. Pickle manufacturing business

The market for the business of pickles is immense. Being one of the cultural items of food of Indian cuisine, pickles are used in every house in India. This is not only used in India, but the pickle market is increasing on the level of International also.

Since one may run the business of pickle manufacturing from the house, its setup, labor cost, or machinery are negligible. All you have to do is taking care of raw material procurement. 

The opportunity of this business is perfect for females with culinary skills. If persons are superior at it, they may make a larger profit out of the pickle-making business.

#3. Business of Cell phone accessories

The market for smart phones has strengthened over the many years. So, the business of mobile accessories may also be one most profitable investment in the future. 

However, exact execution is crucial. It will assist if they have accurate strategies, more experience, adequate research of the industry, or a supportive team to receive the ball rolling.

#4. Restaurant or cafe

Opening the cafe outside schools, colleges, and tuition centers would be lucrative business opportunities in Bihar. These locations are suitable for operating a achieve full cafe business in Bihar. 

A person may spot various people craving for an enjoyable moment after the busy schedule. There might be no best option than the cafe that gives a tempting or lovely ambiance cuisine.

#5. Papad manufacturing

This is one of the highest agricultural states with the largest productivity. Bihar gives lucrative chances for female entrepreneurs. 

With minimum investments of finance, females may make the daily income through the business of papad manufacturing. You may collect quality rich material for papads of many tastes. 

The cost of setup is low or manufacturing is hugely profitable as it is consumed in all the seasons by everybody in Bihar. Despite this, there are various appetizers or snacks where papad is utilized to improve the taste. It is also very beneficial in garnishing.

#6. Honey manufacturing

Honey is famous for its healthy or organic properties throughout the world. Those people who are seeking to open a small-scale business with less budget investment can opting for the manufacturing of honey in Bihar. 

It possesses low infrastructure or less investment capital. It will assist if people initiated with beekeeping. Beekeeping has extra more advantages such as increasing the development of crops through cross-pollination. 

It also gives wax, venom, or pollen. This business opportunity also records full help from the authority. So, taking this way always would be successful.

#7. Beauty salon

Beginning a beauty salon is the most profitable and prominent business in Bihar. But to make sure success, a person should emphasize skills, location, business operation. 

Persons may start their own business or as a partner and franchise of a well-established brand in Bihar. They should train themself with the skills of beauty. 

This would be an additional benefit or would also develop the trust of consumers. Space must not be a problem as they may first give the same service of salon at their house. 

During the later stages, they can select to hire the space with color, theme, or other furnishings. Hence, if they have the risk-taking or passion abilities, own the house-based business of beauty salon today.

#8. Computer training

The rate of literacy in Bihar is improving nowadays. So the requirement for good training of computer institutes is shooting up also. Initiating a business of computer training in Bihar may be an astonishing investment. 

All persons required to have is the right skill of marketing. Few higher-earning training computer courses that person may provide are cybersecurity, web designing, digital marketing, ethical hacking, and much more.

An investment worth two to seven lac is sufficient to set the whole business. Hence, if persons are up for the small business idea in Bihar, then training of computers may assist.

#9. Service of tutoring

Education is an important issue in India. Mainly in Bihar state, where learners may not easily access study. 

Why not make most of this chance or open the small manufacturing service of tutoring in Bihar? The superior thing is that there is no limitation for development in the industry, firstly, you may initiate at a low scale, or then you may enlarge into the business.

#10. Manufacturing unit

There are opportunities for the smaller business in Bihar or the company of manufacturing may convert into the most profitable business. 

So, if persons have the proper skill, plan, and strategies, they may search for profitable ideas of business such as homemade products or handmade cookies, cosmetic manufacturing or smartphone accessories, etc.

#11. Manufacturing sugar bags

This is another idea of a profitable business in Bihar. Providing employment to various people in Bihar, the industry of sugar is on a high level. 

Consequently, if persons invest in related services such as the sugar bag manufacturing business, their business would convert out to be most profitable.

#12. Business of Ice cream parlor

Ice cream is always evergreen, so persons may have it at any time. However, during the summer season, it has a very high demand. 

So all thanks due to the sun scorching heat, hence investing in the business may be a more profitable idea in the longer run.

#13. Incense stick manufacturing business

This is that type of business that you may begin even from the home. Agarbtati is a bamboo stick that is coated with fragrant material. 

You would be more surprised to understand that India is the producer of it during 95 countries over-utilize the incense stick. It may be concerned as small scale business opportunity in Bihar, to start with, maybe enlarged further as it works achieve fully.

#14. Fertilizer distribution

In the Bihar state with a solid base of agriculture, around 80% of people attracted to inactivity of agriculture, the potential of utilizing fertilizers is very higher. Fertilizers are like a life elixir to vegetables or fruits.

Farmers convert to fertilizers as they supply nutrients of plants to supplement the elements naturally explored in soil. This assists in maintaining the soil fertility which in turn develops healthy crops with nutritional filled to feed the population. So this is the perfect business in Bihar.

#15. Jute bags manufacturing

The developing demand for jute bags may be attributed to their properties of environmentally friendly. 

India is the larger jute producer or is exported throughout the world. This raw material is readily available in Bihar for persons to initiate the business venture.

They utilize jute bags in the shopping, office, grocery stores, and carrying lunch as well.

#16. Sanitary pad making

A Bihar state has the stronger tendency of orthodox along with many females or girls living in repressed situations. Sanitary pads have become an important part of female hygiene or health. 

So, initiating a small manufacturing business of sanitary pad making or selling at affordable prices could be the entire round solution to various females' health problems. 

With the addition of this, it would also provide the opportunity to employ more females in the sector, offers ample chances to the youth, or create a sustainable business in the long operate.

#17. Handmade manufacturing chocolates

Handmade chocolate manufacturing is a very easy and beneficial small business for everyone. Chocolates are considered to be ideal presents during special occasions or festive seasons. 

This business may be referred to as the best well-known idea for the small scale business manufacturing in Bihar at low investments and can make huge profits.

Final words
It is clear that Bihar provides a lot of amenities for business expansion. If persons want to start their business so Bihar is the marvelous place to operate the business. With these all opportunities of businesses, they may earn more in very lesser time and investment. 

All these businesses are highly profitable or deliver a high rate of success if planned with goals and objectives and industry research. Consequently, most people preferred Bihar state due to high profits and low investment.

You can start your Small scale business in Bihar with low investment with given business ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

#1. How do I learn the skills a business setup?

Ans:- There are some ways to learning free business skill like Webinar, Online YouTube Videos and by reading expert ideas. Simply, if you want to start home based business you can read related blogs and watch videos on YouTube.

#2. How much money do I need to start business?

Ans:- That is completely depend on your budget and market. If you have not big investment there are some of business starts with low investment. If you have huge budget you can start with huge business plan.

#3. What is the best small business to start in Bihar?

Ans:- Here are lots of business ideas you can start in Bihar. We have shared some ideas with detailed options.

#4. Give us Idea about most successful businesses?

Ans:- Here are lots of successful businesses you can start in your surrounding area like, Bookkeeping, Consulting, handmade manufacturing etc.

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