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20 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas to Start In Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Australia

Small Business Ideas in Australia

If you live in, or are planning to move to Australia and are trying to get some ideas to start your own business, you’ve landed in the right place. Here is a list of some small and profitable business ideas in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Australia so that you can juice up some inspiration for yourself and go for it.

Not everybody likes the idea of being shackled by a 9-to-5 job and daily deadlines. Some people like to be independent, to be their boss, to run by their own rules. You get total control of your work and can set your schedule and not wait for ‘orders’ from anybody above you.

Just keep in mind, these are just some of the business ideas from the unlimited pool of innovation. This list is just to present a basic idea of the whole scenario.

So, scroll on and find your poison!

#1. Content Writing Business

If writing is your passion and you enjoy opening your creativity down on paper or digital writers, this might be the one for you. Writing articles or any kind of content for blogs, websites, news agencies, might seem a bit of a hassle, but rest assured, you’ll love it.

You can even start your blog if you want. You will just need to understand the basic concepts of SEO, keywords, trends, and demands of the readers.

You can also get yourself registered at online freelancing websites to get clients from all over the world.

On average, a freelance content writer earns about $68K per year in Australia with content writing business. And this job is something which will never get undervalued.

#2. Web Designing Business

As we all know, online brand presence is something which is required in recent times. People buy more stuff online now than ever before. If you are satisfied with your web designing and development skills and think that it is worth money, then jump right in. Sleek, attractive, and smooth websites are just the thing the clients want.

If you think that you are a total newbie and don’t know the first thing about web designing, the internet has got you all covered. You can enroll yourself in an online web development course and polish your learnings with web designing business.

A professional website designer earns about AU$57K per year. And this one too is very much popular business idea right now and you can count on it to grow even further shortly.

#3. Handmade Craft Business

Do you make a lot of handicrafts or paintings? Jewels, showpieces, paintings, and other craft items find a great place in the online as well as offline market. They are omnipresent be it on online shopping stops, social media platforms, small shops, or shopping malls.

They sell very well when your consumer base builds up. You get to choose your designs, price, and the uniqueness of your products. I must say small handicraft businesses are a great way to get introduced to the maker’s market.

There’s no bound of income if you start a handicraft business. Generally established sellers keep a profit margin of about 50% per item.

#4. Baking Business

If baking is a piece of cake for you (pun intended), you should try a hand at starting your bakery. Bakeries have always been very popular, and do very well with both sales and revenue.

Customers can either choose and order online or can order from your shop as well. The only thing you need to take care of for the is the delivery. You can do it yourselves at first and then start hiring a person or two to take care of the deliveries.

Small bakeries generally have a profit margin of 20-30% but it will grow higher with the reach and loyalty of your customers.

#5. Multimedia Designing Service

This generally involves designing logos, promotions, ads, banners, and producing and editing advertisement videos as well.

Well, this has a pretty large demand in the present times where the online presence of a brand matters a lot. They need to keep up with their brand values and image by presenting high-quality and sleek promotions and ads.

The average yearly earning of a professional corporate multimedia designer stands at AU$56K. It's an ever-growing sector and has infinite possibilities.

#6. Teaching or Tutoring Business

Teaching is by no means an easy job to perform. But if you have the passion and have that rare ability to make stuff understandable to people very easily, this one’s for you. Choose the area of your specialty and start.

You can either choose to teach academic subjects or resort to art as well. There are plenty of options to choose from.

You can choose to go over the offline method or resort to online tutoring as well. There are online recruitment websites as well where you can go and register yourself and get clients.

You can charge anything from $15 to $80 an hour, but that depends upon your qualification, skills, and experience.

#7. Counseling Services

People sometimes crave to find a friend in their family. They suffer from loneliness. This leaves them without a person to confide their feelings in. And hence the popularity of counseling and therapy services.

If you are a person you can take up and solve people’s problems with quite some ease, this might be the perfect job for you. You can choose to go over their place or can have your sessions over video calls as well.

A full-time professional counselor can earn as much as AU$80K annually.

#8. Website Management

This requires you to keep a website up and running all the time, efficiently and securely. You’ll be referred to as the webmaster (sounds so damn cool).

You’ll need to have some serious proficiency and experience in web development and programming to serve. Fixing bugs and crashes, making new pages, and putting in supplied content. You’ll need to manage the security as well.

The salary starts at AU$70K a year and goes up to AU$195K per year for professionals.

#9. Affiliate Market Service

In affiliate marketing, you are required to promote your goods or services by inserting links on websites that are most likely to be visited by potential buyers. These are generally websites that partner up for an affiliate marketing campaign. They are paid a fee when their links result in purchases.

A professional affiliate marketing manager earns about AU$72K per year in Australia.

#10. Photography Business

If your photography skills are something that makes others envious of you, then you might consider registering yourself as a stock photographer.

Many stock photograph websites are always in search of attractive photographs. You can start by simply uploading some of your pre-captured photographs. You’ll generate revenue every time someone downloads them.

You can also choose to start your photography website where clients can directly contact you for your service.

A professional photographer earns like AU$55K annually in Australia.

#11. Drone Videography

If you enjoy flying drones, you might want to try becoming a drone videographer. You get to visit interesting locations, meet new and interesting people. You also get to build a cool portfolio which might lead to a job in the movie industry as well.

Professional drones are highly priced, but you can begin with a mid-sized drone and an action camera and work your way up. You should have some prior experience though.

A skilled professional drone pilot and video grapher can earn an average of AU$100K yearly.

#12. Data Analyst Consulting

A data consultant is a specialist in data who works in a variety of sectors and markets. You’ll need to investigate and evaluate the company's numerous operational and data systems, as well as its overall data management.

You need to have the technological know-how to do this and have a background in economics, mathematics, or finance.

With the growth of large datasets, a growing number of businesses find it difficult to make sense of massive amounts of data to adapt their corporate strategies. Hence the surge in demand for data analysts and consultants.

In Australia, the average yearly earning of an analyst consultant is AU$124K.

#13. Career Coaching

The job market for the millennial generation is just much harder than it has ever been. There's no question that many people are so unsure and doubtful of which path they
should follow to increase their odds of a successful future.

A career coach may operate from a physical location or over the internet. If you know the current employment market and trends, this is surely the one for you.

A professional full-time career coach earns about AU$72K per year.

#14. Babysitting

If you are mature, attentive, organized, punctual and like kids, you can start a babysitting business as well. You’ll need to watch children over when their parents or guardians aren’t around. You’ll have to play with them, take care of their food and perform their tasks as well as required.

You can earn AU$30 per hour on average in Australia for babysitting.

#15. Elderly Home-Care Services

In Australia, the old age population is quite high. They require a wide range of medical care. This includes physiotherapy, massages, orthopedics, and more. Your elderly home-care company will pay off handsomely if you have the necessary skills.

The average home-care service earning in Australia is AU$50K per year.

#16. Pet Daycare Business

You can start a pet daycare if you love animals and have enough space in your home.
It's simple: pet parents bring their pets and leave them with you if they have to go out for an extended period, and you have to provide them with everything they require and see that they are comfortable.

You just need to be friendly and caring towards the animals.

You can earn like AU$47K on average if all goes well.

#17. Hosteling Business

Anyone can convert their home, garage, or even a single room into a unique accommodation for visitors and travelers. Tourists and explorers from all over the world use these kinds of services and with time, this is getting more popular as well.

You need to get your room enrolled and verified on a renting platform. It will handle the preliminary publicity and also provide a means for the customers to connect easily with you. If you own a home in an attractive place, you may expect to load in a lot of money.

You can earn AU$46K yearly on an average just by leasing your room to travelers.

#18. Interior Designing

The home designing business right now is hotter than ever. If you hold creativity, innovation, and a vision, you’re going to make it rain. This is the field for you if you have a passion for designing spaces, home decor, and furniture.

You’ll have to decorate, enhance, and refresh the look and functionality of interior spaces in both residential and commercial settings.

You can specialize and focus on only one form of design as well, such as designing kitchens or lighting arrangements.

You can earn up to AU$54K per year in the interior designing business in Australia.

#19. Smart Home Development

With the growth in automation and the popularity of virtual assistants, home automation has also seen huge growth. IoT is being used in almost everything now, including lights, appliances, entertainment setups, and whatnot.

All of these products make give rise to a digital ecosystem at your home. You’ll have to supply and arrange all the components and make them work to the point. And for that, you’ll need some knowledge of smart home appliances and automation.

In Australia, a home automation startup can earn anywhere between AU$75K to AU$100K per year.

#20. Tourism Business

Australia is known for its beautiful tourist attractions. Tourists travel from all around the world to see the country's breathtaking natural beauty.

Starting a travel and tourism company in Australia can be extremely profitable if you have any experience and enjoy traveling.

The tourism department of Australia, Tourism Australia, often partners and helps in getting resources and ideas for your tourism business.

The average tourism business in Australia pays off anywhere between AU$70K to AU$120K per year.

So this was the list of business ideas in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Australia, which you can start immediately.Every great success story begins with a small leap of faith. Just believe in yourself, and go for it. You’ll succeed in your ways.

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